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charcoal charcoal charcoal charcoal charcoal charcoal

Charcoal briquette charcoal BBQ.

Description of charcoal, Briquette charcoal BBQ.

Charcoal, a finely porous solid with a high carbon content in the product produced in furnaces without access of air. Wood for making charcoal is a high quality oak, ash. Charcoal is used not only at home but also in the production of crystalline silicon, carbon disulfide, activated charcoal.

Produce for sale in Ukraine and abroad.

Charcoal is good for themselves as recommended in the chemical industry and in agriculture as fuel efficient, since charcoal high porosity and a large thermal combustion (30,000 kJ / kg).

Our company is engaged in the production of charcoal briquettes and coal BBQ.

Wholesale Charcoal briquette charcoal BBQ.

We work with wholesale and retail customers with. Packing briquettes from 1kg. to 20 kg.

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